Frequently Asked Questions

For our hardwood flooring and beams and lintels you can get an instant quote right now. We can provide a quote for our other hardwood products on request. Contact us now.
Any suspended floor or ground floor where there is a damp proof membrane.
Joists or battens at up to 20” centres (but small centers mean less waste) or directly onto concrete.
Cut nails look traditional. Alternatively, lost head nails, screws and pellets or by using a nail gun.
Timber is a material which swells and shrinks according to its environment. Our flooring is more likely to swell slightly at first than to shrink, so gaps should be left at either side of the room, say 10mm on a 5m wide floor. Because the boards will vary in size slightly from season to season, a small gap (perhaps 1mm) might appear between the boards - this will tend to make the floor look more authentic.
No, but it is important to make sure your house is dry and ready to receive kiln dried timber: i.e. it is important that all wet work (plastering etc.) is complete and thoroughly dried and some heating is on before taking delivery.
Every board is measured and the measurement, in square feet with conversion to meters, is written on every board and on a tally sheet included with the invoice.
Yes, our hardwoods are English and there are quite strict regulations on felling and replanting.
No. Any carpenter or competent DIYer could lay this type of flooring. If you are using a carpenter, it may be useful for him to see this website first, as some ‘throw a wobbly’ when they see boards with knots and the like.
We have flooring laid here at our premises in Devon, which you are very welcome to visit. Click at the top of the page for our address or to get in touch.
No, all we need to see is your order confirmation email.
Yes, in the picture below the flooring was laid in 1997 over underfloor heating.  This is English oak flooring, square edged, random width floor. The boards were nailed through the face with 2.5’ cut clasp nails. After laying, the floor was drum sanded and finished with raw linseed oil.

underfloor heating compatible
There are many different types of finishes and stains, depending on your personal preferences. We suggest that you experiment on offcuts before coming to a decision.
Please call us on 07809 773492 or email us at:
Usually 2-4 weeks, but occasionally longer, please contact us to check current timescales.
We require an email stating:

  1. How many metres you require, allowing for wastage (we suggest 12.5%).

  2. The type of hardwood flooring you require.

  3. Whether you would like traditional square edged or tongue and grooved.

  4. Plus any other information that you think would be useful to us.

    Email us at or call us on 0780 9773492.

For a quote or to make an order please feel free to contact us on 07809 773492 for more information.

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